What is Couchbase ?

What is couchbase?

Couchbase Server is an open source, distributed, NoSQL document-oriented engagement database. It exposes a fast key-value store with managed cache for sub-millisecond data operations, purpose-built indexers for fast queries and a powerful query engine for executing SQL-like queries. For mobile and Internet of Things environments Couchbase also runs natively on-device and manages synchronisation to the server.

Bucket is known as database in couchbase and we have 1024 vbuckets in one bucket. We can have only max to max 30 buckets with in the cluster.

Features of Couchbase:-

  • Couchbase first store or fetch query to the memory(ram) after that it will async with disk or volume. Through this feature we can read and write the data very fast.
  • XDCR between locations
  • Ease of expanding the cluster size
  • Easy to store unstructured data and has great performance
  • Robust N1QL query language and flexible JSON schema.
  • NoSQL DB response time in a millisecond.
  • High security under the cloud platform.
  • High read and write performance.
  • UI is pretty simple to use and manage the cluster.

Types of services:-

  • Data service:- Data service is responsible for data which save or retrieve the data from the ram and the disk.
  • Index service:- Index service is responsible for indexing like primary indexes, secondary, array indexes etc.
  • Query service:- Query service is responsible for sequel queries like N1QL (SQL).
  • Search service:- Search service is responsible for to search the document  data via full text index.
  • Analytic service:- This service is used for complex queries.

Couchbase Limitations :

We have the data in json format means in key value format, so
Key size should not be more than 250 bytes
Value size should not be more than 25 mb.
Bucket we can create only  max 30 buckets with in the cluster.

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