What are Ansible Roles?

What are Ansible Roles ?

  • Ansible roles are set of tasks which you can perform on your target machine.

  • We can package a playbook into a role which can be used later as well.

  • Next time you just need to assign that role in a playbook like below and you can make changes to multiple targets.

  • The main purpose of role is to make your work reusable.

  • It is also used to organize your work by keeping your tasks in task directory, all variables in vars directory, all default values in defaults directory, handlers in handler directory, etc.

  • You can also share your role by others in ansible community. Ansible Galaxy is one of the communities.




It Organizes work



Ansible Galaxy :

To configure Role directory structure in your Controller machine. You don’t need to do that manually. You can do it by simply using ansible-galaxy tool 



$ ansible-galaxy init mysql

Above command will initialize and create a directory structure like below screenshot.



Now question is, how will your playbook know where that role is ? There are 2 methods of that :

1) Either you can create a roles directory where your playbook is and paste your role in that roles directory.

2) Or you can keep that in default location of roles at /etc/ansible/roles



To search a role : $ ansible-galaxy search mysql



To install ansible role : $ ansible-galaxy install role-name


Ways to specified by 2 ways :


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